Who We Are

Spellbinders Speakers Group prides itself on the fact that we are a personal organization that represents a dynamic group of hand selected, professional speakers, trainers and facilitators. We are not a big bureau handling hundreds or thousands of speakers.

It is the policy of Spellbinders to know all of our speakers. What that means is, before we agree to represent a speaker, we will intensely interview each speaker. We do not operate like a bureau in that we will not simply add a new speakers’ name to our list if it’s proven that a speaker can generate commissions to the bureau.

That’s not the way we do business.

It is the mandate of Spellbinders to involve ourselves in not only the business of speaking, but to develop friendships and partnerships with the speakers we choose to bring on board. Our speakers have integrity, honesty and a willingness to ensure that the customer is the #1 focus.

We pride ourselves by the fact that our speakers are the same off-stage as they are on-stage. How do we know this? Because we’ve heard every single one of them speak, and work directly with them to helpthem improve by delivering our feedback and the feedback of our clients.

We’re willing to stake our reputation on the speakers we manage. We will guarantee their professionalism, integrity and quality of their presentations. We are the only company willing to give our customers this guarantee.


Mission Statement of Mary Ann Chartrand

To explore the spoken word and those who eloquently speak with passion, honesty and wisdom; to trust and believe in the orchestration of the perfect union between speaker and audience; and to spellbind, educate, entertain, inspire and ignite the fires of positive growth.

The founder of Spellbinders Speakers Group, Mary Ann Chartrand, has been managing and inspiring others for over 20 years. Mary Ann has counseled young offenders and taught children with special needs through the educational system.

Through her work with these special-needs youngsters, Mary Ann developed a set of values and principles that she has carried over into her work with Spellbinders. These are values and principles that she will not waiver on.

Therefore, Mary Ann seeks out only those speakers with a strong set of values and principles
as well. There are not a lot of speakers who have a strong moral fibre, and that’s why Mary Ann chooses to work with only a few select speakers; people of high character. That’s what makes our company so strong.