Yvonne Thompson

Yvonne’s passion is helping organizations to build sustainability and capacity through New World Leadership strategies- a unique innovative approach to leadership and employee engagement, which Yvonne has developed through experience and research. An engaging and energetic speaker, Yvonne translates her knowledge and experience of HR and leadership strategies into meaningful presentations for audiences of all sizes. She brings her message alive by drawing on stories from her three decades of experience and links her stories to her philosophy of New World Leadership. This is Yvonne’s strength: linking theory to action- and leaving the audience with practical steps to implement tomorrow.

Yvonne Thompson is a Nationally recognized author and acclaimed speaker whose passion for Creating Positive Energy in People and Organizations is felt and inspired in every keynote at conferences and convention.  She specializes in Leadership and Wellness working with both corporations and individuals across Canada.

Yvonne is committed to spreading her message about the importance of “leading self” professionally and personally for better health, joy and overall wellness. Her approach is clear, concise and most importantly infectious.

Yvonne is a Master Story Teller who leaves her audiences with solid tools and techniques for shifting individuals personal and professional leadership strategies.  Yvonne uses the Tree of Abundance™   and the Tools of Intention™ to clearly illustrate strategies for personal growth, improved wellness and enhanced leadership.

Yvonne’s first book Leadership for a New World, The Organic Approach to Employee Engagement is based on research, personal experience and 30 years of working in the Human Resources field with a wide range of clients across Canada.

Yvonne’s second book, due to be released in January of 2014, is called Creating Positive Energy, Spiritually Aligned Leadership.  The key focus of this new work is assisting individuals to become the best leaders of themselves as they can be.


Topic & Presentation Description


  •  Leadership for a New World
  • The Organic Approach to Employee Engagement
  • Creating Positive Energy, Roots to Mental Health
  • Safety Leadership, What’s Next?


Leadership for a New World

“Forward-thinking leaders are resoundingly saying “Yes!” to New World Leadership. They are consciously and deliberately moving from mechanistic to holistic styles.”
Yvonne Thompson’s dynamic presentation, Leadership for a New World, delivered in either keynote or workshop style, takes the audience through a newly adapted “Holistic approach to organizational culture and leadership”. When implemented, Yvonne’s unique ideas and concepts will dramatically increase employee engagement and productivity exponentially.
Audience Members Will Learn How to:

  • Incorporate “Shared Leadership” into the business model
  • Use a conscious and intentional approach to building positive relationships
  • Create engagement through organic approaches
  • Engage all new employees fully
  • Practice responsible self-management
  • Take a system thinking approach to decision making and action taking.


CHANGE! Navigating the Whitewater

What if you could create an organization where everyone was excited about change…on the lookout for change and opportunity… Where innovation and creativity flourished?”

CHANGE! Navigating the Whitewater delivered in either keynote or workshop form, or both provides a thought-provoking look at our ever-changing world and the interconnectedness of stakeholders. How does one part of our business impact another? How can we build an organization that welcomes and embraces change, and through initiative, creates an environment that is flexible, innovative and creative? The ability to change quickly has never been as important as it is today. We can choose to cling to the bank or jump on the raft and go for a ride.
Yvonne promises that it will be “fun and exhilarating”.
Audience Members Will Learn:

  • The importance of riding the waves of change
  • How to identify the “Change Agents” in your organization
  • Organizations that embrace the waves of change, make a significant difference to their profitability and become more desirable places to work
  • The risks of not riding the wave
  • How to evaluate employees’ appetite for change
  • To connect the importance of change to your contemporary business and learning that relishing, even creating, change is indispensably linked to success.


SAFETY Leadership: SAFETY Culture

Yvonne Thompson
Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta

“What if you could create an organization where everyone was fully engaged in the safety initiative? Where everyone looked out for their co-worker’s safety? What if our organizations could see the direct connections between safety leadership, safety culture and safety results?”
SAFETY Leadership: SAFETY Culture, delivered in either keynote or workshop form, or better still, one followed by the other, provides a thought-provoking look at the connections between leadership initiatives and safety results. What do our leadership programs, culture and safety results have in common? The ability to make this important connection is critical to finally shifting our safety efforts from transactional to transformational.
Yvonne, the author of many safety standards, and consummate HR professional, shares these connections with the audience in a thought-provoking, entertaining and engaging manner.
Audience Members Will Learn:

  • The importance of having a clear leadership philosophy that includes safety as a fundamental core element
  • The keys to connecting safety leadership to safety culture and overall organizational culture
  • About organizations that can significantly improve their safety records, productivity and profitability through safety leadership
  • The new world generations unique engagement road map and how to tape into it for improved safety results.


“…an articulate and refreshing approach to leadership development and employee engagement. Yvonne Thompson has managed to capture necessary qualities of leadership in the new world economy with new employees. To be truly effective, leadership requires a conscious connection with people, and this connection begins with leader self-examination. The concepts and perceptions that Thompson outlines are truly transformational and bring leadership to a whole new level. This is a must read for new and emerging leaders, and should be on the nightstand of every HR professional.”

Sharon Hooper
Assistant Vice-President & Chief Human Resources Officer
York University

A new generation is entering the workforce. These young people have something to teach us, and Yvonne Thompson knows what it is. Her book is a living map that reveals how to create organizational cultures of self-management, authentic relationships, conscious dialogue and mutual trust. If you think these qualities have no place in business, then you’re not keeping up with what our world is demanding of us in the 21st century. But don’t worry: Thompson’s leadership book lays the path to New World Leadership with an impassioned vision, practical suggestions and powerful stories.”

Magdalen Bowyer MA, RPC, CEC
Executive Coach & Professional Counsellor

A definite 10! Yvonne’s work with me through the process was very engaging. She did great work up front to understand my needs and expectations and even offered some alternative views on things which contributed significantly to a better program. Throughout the process, her communication was very timely and thorough and she also made herself available to individual leaders who felt more comfortable sharing their views with her personally.”

Rob Campbell
Vice President, Human Resources, Administration and IT
Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba