Valarie Cade

Valerie Cade has earned worldwide acclaim as a Professional Speaker and Business Consultant and she is the author of “Bully Free at Work”, which is currently distributed in over 100 countries world‐wide. She truly has a gift for inspiring those who work to support and lead others, whether it’s in healthcare, government, the corporate sector, education or not‐for‐profit settings. Valerie has been noted as: Enthusiastically…subtle, delightfully…engaging, creative, humorous and genuine.

For the past 17 years, Valerie has led hundreds of sessions throughout North America, Europe, China and Russia, combining relevant, humorous and heartfelt approach combined with her business acumen. As CEO of one of Canada’s largest training companies, Valerie helped turn this near-bankrupt company into profitable success. In addition, her work in creating Inspired Workplaces, where People “want to”, helped raise satisfaction levels in hospitals, health care, credit unions, universities and other businesses to over 80 – 90% ‐ sustained.

Valerie has a genuine passion for helping people and organizations to become World Class and receive the respect and dignity they deserve. She is knowledgeable, well‐researched and can deliver this workplace bullying message in an inspirational way that provides structure, how‐to’s, and most importantly…hope.

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Hear what others have to say!

“Thank you for the excellent 5 days you gave us; you are a class act and an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only were we impressed (again) with your knowledge, but your natural delivery ability, genuine honesty and approachability made workplace bullying far more accessible to the audience than it might have been otherwise. You truly are delightful and we love your sense of humour!”
Kris Bojda & Linda Cherry
Business & Industry Liaisons
Alberta Employment & Immigration

“A conceptual breakthrough in understanding workplace bullying and how it really affects people and organizations. More importantly, Valerie’s content is filled with great common sense how-to’s that are easy to understand and implement. Right on the mark!”

Darrell White
Senior Vice President
Community Savings Credit Union

“Valerie, it was a joy to watch and listen to you. You are the kind of person that enhances the credibility of the entire profession. Frankly you are just one of the best I’ve seen in Canada.”
David Sweet
President & CEO PK Canada
First National President Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS