Tyler Hayden

Tyler Hayden has been a full-time professional speaker and innovative educator for the past decade. His business is personal development and nontraditional team-building programs. Tyler’s clients include some of the world’s largest corporations and associations, such as the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). Tyler is a keynoter, team-builder and author. He has developed program solutions for groups in areas of leadership, team-building, staff motivation, personal development, and soft skill development. He is the author of 14 books, 2 audio CDs, an interactive CD-ROM, and a full-length DVD. His training materials have been sold worldwide, and he has delivered hundreds of high-energy keynotes and train-the-trainer programs. Tyler invites you to join him on a magnificent journey of Livin’ Life Large™!

Tyler balances his busy speaking career with two other business ventures — Human Quotient and Idea Junkies — both of which provide business solutions in innovative ways. All work and no play? No way! Tyler enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures and high-adrenaline activities, like skydiving, canyoning and survival camping. Tyler spends some of his “free” time at home renovating his family’s 250-year-old Cape Cod home and building folk art sculptures.

Finally, a description of Tyler would not be complete without a word about his greatest source of affluence: family. Tyler is a loving husband to Laurie, a high school principal, and proud father of Tait, his beautiful little girl. Tyler and Laurie look forward to building a loving family and continuing to make a difference in their quiet seaside community of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Tyler invites you to join him on a magnificent journey of Livin’ Life Large™!


Topic & Presentation Information

Livin’ Life Large

Tyler’s book, Livin’ Life Large – Simple Actions that Create Success, explores simple ways to create a meaningful and balanced life. Tyler’s lifestyle is grounded in the reality that personal and professional prosperity are generated through a commitment to simple actions. This hilarious presentation will deliver growth to the audience in some very non-traditional and authentic ways. They will have fun learning to turn weighty “problems” into tools for success, reaffirm the importance of identifying opportunities, solidify interpersonal networks, affirm the importance of paying attention to details, and above all have fun – because isn’t that what life’s all about anyway? Livin’ Life Large is a lifestyle, and once you try it on, you’re never going to want to take it off. Heck, you’ll probably even wear it to bed.

Change: 180 Degrees, One at a Time

Individuals with the ability to thrive in our changing world are fast becoming the most successful and sought after – employees. Our abilities to explore, identify, and maximize opportunities require us to change to meet the world’s ever morphing demands. This presentation is about ensuring that when you change, you do so in a way that is timely and sustainable, so that you will easily position yourself for long-term prosperity.

Leadership: Die with Blisters on Your Hands, Not Your Butt

Passion for leadership will drive you to the top of your group. On the east coast of Canada we have been leading groups in some unique and inspiring ways for decades. Learn some of the tried and true simple techniques that you can use to make your leadership efforts shine.


Live every day like it’s Friday! This show helps you learn how to get the most out of every day by living, laughing and learning. Life is about balancing working hard and playing hard, and Friday, unlike any other day of the week, is our most balanced. It is the day that we celebrate our week of successes, plan to enjoy the current opportunities in life, and enter into the most positive interactions with those around us. So why don’t we live every day like it’s Friday? In this session you will learn how to identify the benefits of building a Friday state of mind. Then, by simply massaging your current lifestyle efficiently and effectively you can begin to make some extraordinary things happen out of some seemingly ordinary moments. We will explore some strategies that will help ensure that life doesn’t get in the way of living.