Roslyn Franken

When told at the young age of 29 of the tumour resting on the main artery to her brain testing positive for Hodgkin’s Disease (cancer of the lymph nodes), Roslyn was filled with fear, stress and devastation. However, with a mother who survived the holocaust and beat cancer, and a father who survived the atomic bomb, Roslyn quickly turned toward her parents’ remarkable “NEVER GIVE UP” attitude as inspiration to face the challenge, fight back and become a long-term survivor.

Inspirational and down-to-earth, Roslyn Franken is a captivating speaker and best-selling author who speaks passionately about her empowering journey from fear to fight, worrier to warrior and victim to victory in the face of the life-threatening cancer that changed her life. She provides an unforgettable experience for her audiences with her inspirational personal story, practical insights and proven strategies to live a happy, healthy and resilient life in the face of change, challenge and adversity.

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