Patricia Morgan

Patricia Morgan helps you bounce back from life’s challenges. She provides practical how-to’s that decrease stress and increase resiliency. Her uplifting, insightful, and fun message leaves audiences inspired and enlivened. Patricia is a certified counsellor and holds a Masters degree in Psychology She provides can-do ideas based on the science of emotional well-being. She is the author of several publications including Frantic Free, The Upbeat Approach and Love Her As She Is which was featured in a CBC television documentary. Patricia was chosen as a Woman of Vision by Global TV and the YWCA.

Topic & Presentation Information

Patricia will gladly adapt the below described presentations for professional development events, employee or volunteer celebrations, luncheon meetings or conferences.

Popular Keynotes:

The Rubber Band Principle (30 to 75 minutes)

Strategies for Strengthening Your Resiliency
Never again say “It’s too hard.” You can increase your bounceability and capacity to recover from mistakes, change, setbacks and stress, at work and home. Learn the secrets of resilient survivors, The Rubber Band Principle and methods to improve physical, mental and emotional well being. Walk away feeling uplifted!
Your audience will:

  • Learn 30 Second Quickies and other tools to better care for their physical well being
  • Identify their critical self-talk and replace it with supportive truths
  • Lighten their load and brighten your outlook

“Patricia gave us a positive and fun spin on being more resilient at work, including leaving some worry behind.”
– Amy Oshanyk, ATB Financial MasterCard

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