Meg Soper

Meg is an expert on the subject of striking balance within our hectic lives. Over the past two decades Meg has worked as a health professional, become one of Canada’s foremost stand-up comediennes, and raised a family. She has taken the life lessons learned while traveling this unique path to become an incredible motivator and life balance coach. Meg blends her unique insights with unforgettable humour to help people develop practical strategies for work and life.

Professional speaker and comedienne Meg Soper is recognized as one of the premiere motivators in Canada. She combines her remarkable sense of humour with her unique perspective of life to captivate her audience and provide them with a presentation filled with inspiration and entertainment.

Meg has appeared as a keynote speaker and feature performer at conventions and corporate functions across North America and internationally. She has shared the stage with such celebrities as Ray Romano and Ellen Degeneres. With over 28 years experience in the health care industry and as a Registered Nurse in the Operating Room, she understands how your attitude affects those around you in the workplace environment. Meg is co-author of the book, From the Stage to the Page – Life Lessons from Four Funny Ladies. She has appeared on the CBC Television Network, Women’s Television Network and Prime TV, as well as being featured in many radio programs and comedy festivals. Meg has a tremendous ability to connect with her audience and take every event to a higher level.


Topic & Presentation Description

Topic # 1 “Wit, Fit and Balance…Strategies for Success”

A combination of stand-up and motivational presentation. Meg Soper’s twist on life provides her motivational life balance presentation with a perspective only a stand up comic could possibly deliver. This presentation takes you through the stresses of everyday life and sheds a humorous light on it. Whether you are faced with stress in the workplace or the inevitable obstacles of daily living, Meg offers a refreshing perspective. You will leave in stitches, armed with a number of strategies to enhance your life experience and maintain a sense of balance.


Topic # 2  “Humour is One Size Fits All”

This stand up presentation proves you can find levity in any life situation. Whether you’re facing the perils of middle age or juggling a career and family, Meg will help you find a laugh along the way. Run some of Meg’s pithy, stress-relieving ideas up the flagpole and learn to embrace her philosophy that “life is too short to stuff a mushroom”. You will leave feeling enlightened, energized and entertained.


Topic # 3  “Get Connected and Stay Plugged In”

This light hearted interactive presentation focuses on effective communication, conflict management and dealing with difficult people. Develop strategies to enhance relationships on both a personal and professional level. Through laughter and interactive energy people will come away with a better understanding of each other’s challenges and unique qualities. You will leave armed with practical strategies geared towards a healthier, happier and more productive workplace environment.

Topic #4 “Bring it on …Strategies to create a Positive Workplace”

This light hearted and interactive session focuses on different aspects of teamwork and generational differences in the workplace. The work culture is shifting and we have things in our fridge that are older than some of the people on our team. Understanding generational differences helps us create an atmosphere where we can communicate more effectively. We cannot change people and when we understand them we can bring out their strengths and ensure a positive workplace.

Programs are available in a variety of formats. These include keynote presentations, half-day or full day seminars or workshops.