Mark DeVolder

Dr. Mark DeVolder brings a specialist’s understanding of diversity to many different audiences. With a delightful sense of humour, cutting-edge content and outstanding story-telling ability, Mark delivers a motivational experience that is perfectly suited to particular needs and expectations. Mark brings a solid foundation of business experience and motivational skill to his speaking engagements.  Each presentation is supported by a highly animated, energetic style and his uncanny ability to draw audiences into sincere interaction. Participants never fail to gain new insight from Mark’s real-life illustrations and from the many practical tips included in his material.

Mark DeVolder is the president of a management consulting firm widely recognized for expertise in helping managers and employees deal with new business realities.  The Federal Government of Canada lists Mark as a recommended mediator, with a success rate which typically runs in the 94% range.

Mark enjoys an enviable reputation for doing his homework. Presentations are always carefully tailored in advance. Illustrations are consistent, interesting and relevant. Valuable time is well spent, and audiences remain totally engaged. Client satisfaction is clearly evident in his many requests for return engagements.

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“Thank you again for an engaging, entertaining, empowering presentation. I believe we all left with a better grip on our own humanity and tools to soar higher. ”
NASA, Spaceport Operations, Space Florida

“Dr. DeVolder’s strategies for managing change are timeless, relevant, universal in appeal, and of practical value to anyone.”
Brad Elder, Health and Safety Coordinator, Suncor Energy

“Dr. Mark DeVolder’s content and delivery was extremely valuable.”
MOHD YUNUS BIN ABDULL AZIZ, Proton, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Dr. DeVolder’s presentation was outstanding. ”
International Mergers and Acquisitions Professionals, Turkey

“Mark’s view on change were highly valued by all of us. ”
FEMSA Coca-Cola Mexico

“Many of our executives stated that you gave them more to think about than any speaker in the past regarding navigating change and transition. ”
Motion Industries