Adam Kreek

An Olympic Gold Medalist and Entrepreneur, Adam has spent the past decade and a half both teaching and using strategies for human performance, achievement, and wellbeing. With his team at Kreek Speak Enterprises Inc, Adam has developed philosophies & psychological tools useful for the workplace, personal satisfaction and athletic achievement. He frames his unique expertise to make your business better and enhance corporate cultures worldwide.

Growing up, Adam was a pretty average kid. He had and average family, and went to an average school. His dream was to become an accountant who would bike to and from work. This all changed when a mentor planted a seed of possibility in Adam’s consciousness. “You are an Olympian, you just don’t know it yet.” What a difference a mentor makes!

During his 13 year rowing career, Adam pushed his rowing team through Olympic failure in Athens to win Gold in Beijing. He has won over 60 medals, 27 in international competitions, with 43 of these being gold medal or first place performances. Following his Olympic career, Adam was named Athlete Leader of the year at the prestigious Canadian Sports Awards and was elected to the Executive Board of the Canadian Olympic Committee to direct sports policy in Canada.

Looking to build upon his Olympic success, and sharpen his entrepreneurial teeth, Adam joined three other men from Seattle, Washington to plan a world’s first expedition, where they would row unsupported from Africa to North America. This required three and a half years of effort and half-­a-­million dollars in resources. Adam led the business side of the adventure, facilitating partnerships with academic institutions, corporations, and NGOs across North America. 73 days into their row, at the edge of the Bermuda triangle, a square wave capsized their boat while Adam was inside the vessel’s small, flooding cabin. Fortunately, the crew’s exceptional safety and emergency planning ensured that all four members survived and much of their equipment and data was salvaged. The capsize is now the subject of an NBC Dateline special, scheduled to air March 2014.

Adam’s passion for health & wellness developed through his involvement in athletics & adventure. Adam’s wife Rebecca is gluten intolerant and a passionate expert on healthy living. This spawned KSE Inc’s investment and strategic involvement in: The Edge Food Energy Inc. and Jaga Silk Tea.

While a poor, struggling athlete, Adam was introduced to the concept of using vegetable oil to fuel his vehicle. Both easy on the planet and pocket book, the idea of Biodiesel was instantly appealing. Working with the resources of Stanford University, he built a biodiesel reactor in Palo Alto, California and brought it up to his hometown of Victoria, BC. He now Chairs the Board of Greasecycle Inc., a Vancouver Island based organization that collects and processes waste vegetable oil, and produces sustainable Biodiesel for local consumption. Also on the board of the Island Biodiesel Co-­Op ant the BC Biofuels Network Adam helps small-­scale biofuel producers achieve financial sustainability.

Adam holds a degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Hydrology from Stanford University. He is a loving husband and proud father who lives in Victoria, BC.

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