Janice Otremba

Janice Otremba, founder of Catalyst for Change, is leading corporate wellness through stress management strategies that fuel productivity and team development. An international team asset builder, Janice is a champion for defying life’s BS – Burnout and Stress. Janice gives your audiences the tools they need to look inside, listen to their gut, take their thoughts captive and change what isn’t working. Through humour and personal reflection, Janice drives you toward being honest with yourself and living your most authentic life. Everyone will learn how to manage stress and use it as a powerful catalyst for improved health, personal growth and positive change


Linda Edgecombe

My mission is to get people fired up and ready and I promise to create powerful shifts, increase accountability, workplace safety while building momentum for my participants.  Not to mention having the best laugh they have had in a long time.  I believe a laugh is worth more than a thousand words and it has the power to change the way people feel, think and take action!  “A Day without laughing is a day wasted!”

Jeff Havens

Jeff began his career as a high school English teacher before following his father Rex Havens into the world of stand-up comedy, where he worked with some of the brightest lights in American comedy and honed the art of engaging audiences through laughter.  But his impulse to teach never faded, and soon he began looking for an avenue to combine both of his passions into entertaining and meaningful presentations.

Judy Croon

Judy Croon is a comedian, author, MC and motivational humourist. She has been the opening act for Joan Rivers, Wynonna Judd, Dionne Warwick and Anne Murray. Her specials have appeared on NBC, CBS, CTV and The Comedy Network. Judy draws from her stand-up performance experience to entertain, inform and inspire in her dynamic keynotes, “Taming Hecklers: Dealing with Difficult People” and  ” Relieving Stress with Humour- Judy’s 7 Ingredients to Living Well That Don’t Include Tofu”.